Can Rabbits Eat Cucumbers and Other Snacks?

May 5, 2017

Of course, everybody knows that rabbits eat grass and vegetables, but what kind of vegetables and grass and in what amounts to feed them? For instance, many owners wonder if rabbits can eat cucumbers and if they are okay for their health. Now, let’s find out about all the rabbit food.

Rabbits have got a special digestive system, it’s capable of digesting fiber and many other nutrients from vegetables and fruit, and it’s quite convenient for owners, especially those, who live in the country or in a house. But this special digestive system needs special attention and careful feeding for avoiding any problems with a stomach and health of a rabbit.

The first and the main component of a healthy rabbit diet must be an unlimited amount of hay. For rabbits not to eat the accidental harmful foods or items it’s better if it has got plenty of hay all the time. One more important substance for a rabbit is clean water for drinking. There must always be water for it to avoid being thirsty.

Speaking about the other kinds of food, remember that before giving your rabbit a new kind of food, introduce it slowly and check if your rabbit feels okay after it. As rabbits are similar to humans in having different tastes and different reactions to foods.

If you are going to start giving some new fruit or vegetable to a rabbit, give a very small amount first. Then, if you notice that your rabbit has a slight or strong diarrhea within twenty- four hours, don’t give it this food any more. Then, wait for six-seven days before starting to give it some other kind of food.

One more important tip when feeding your rabbit: never give it plants that have grown along the roads and foods that have pesticides. Always wash the food before feeding.

If you are in doubt to feed this vegetable or plant or not to your pet, don’t give it to a rabbit!! Take care of a rabbit’s delicate stomach. Rabbits will always try any food to taste it, even if it may be called poisonous for them. So be careful with experiments and choose the products carefully.

Keep in mind that not all vegetables are useful for a bunny’s health, the list of harmful products for a rabbit you may watch in this video or read some info about it a little further here:

So now, returning to the question if the rabbits can eat cucumbers and how it influences their health, the answer is yes, they can. Cucumbers may become a wonderful treat for a rabbit, it is very useful for their organism to have these vegetables, but don’t overfeed your pet with it.

In a cucumber there is a lot of water and other useful nutrients that do good to your domestic animal, but too much water when having too many cucumbers can provoke diarrhea and similar problems with pooping. So, feed a rabbit with cucumber moderately from time to time, the main product for a bunny’s diet should be hay.

Rabbits often tend to like eating some sweet foods, but these products are not good for their health and diet. So, try to feed them fresh foods and vegetables (it should be from 10 to 15 per cent of their diet). 80 per cent of the diet for these cute animals should be good quality hay and about 10 per cent of pellets.

As to the pellets, don’t give them too many pellets as there might be problems with obesity or even some troubles with a digestive system. Rabbits have got instincts which make them always chew something when their teeth grow rapidly, so protect their health by feeding them only the best products.

Harmful Rabbit Foods

There is a small list of foods that can cause disruption of a digestive system of your rabbit. Some of them might seem surprising for you as they are useful for people, but the cute furry animals are different from us and their reactions to food too:

  1. Cookies, crackers and various pastas. These treats have got a high content of carbs and can lead to some digestive problems appearance. In fact, any product which has a lot of sugar and various synthetic substances isn’t a friend to your bunny.
  2. Drops of yoghurt. They may lead even to rabbit’s death in some complicated cases. Yoghurt drops contain a lot of bacteria, that can grow in a digestive system of this pet and lead to its fast death. So, instead of treating your bunny a potentially dangerous product, you had better treat it with some kind of cabbage or a green pepper.
  3. Cereal. Tooth and stomach problems may arise when feeding your bunny with any cereal, flakes, pies, grains, especially processed ones. Seeds are also not the best variant for your rabbit staying healthy and active. Try to feed your bunny with some herbs, instead.
  4. Giving hamster’s food. The rabbits are in need of a special diet with a high content of fiber, so hamster’s food will be useless to it. If you have both a rabbit and a hamster as pets, just give them what they really require.
  5. Iceberg lettuce. Any lettuce which has a light color, should be avoided for giving to your bunny. These lettuce kinds might have a lactucarium and it’s a substance that is not useful for your bunny when being digested. But radishes, rosemary and the other herbs and veggies with high-fiber are a great selection for your active and sweet bunny.

That is not a full list of unuseful products for your bunnies, but in the video mentioned above you may find more info about this list. So, keep your rabbit healthy, happy and active with the proper diet and fresh products.