Tony’s Pizza, Sumter, SC

October 2, 2013

Pizza Story

If you haven’t heard a pizza story yet, you will be surprised how interesting it is. Don’t be afraid, the history will be short and to the point.

Food reminding the modern pizza, was mentioned even in antique times, when people having no plates, used bread to put some food on it. But, the very pizza itself appeared in the 18-19th centuries, in Naples, where a lot of people came in search for a job. Most of them were very poor and worked a lot, there was very little time for eating, so vendors with the pizza became very popular at that time. There was no need to go inside some café and order the meals. They could grab a pizza in the street, carry it in a box and eat it when they had some time free from work.

The pizza wasn’t very sophisticated at that time, even despised because it was associated with the poorest people having it. Lard and veggies were mostly used for making a pizza, sometimes tomatoes were used, but it was more expensive.

Some time later, a king with a queen came to Naples and wished to try some simple local foods, being sick of the complicated dishes they always had from French cooks. So, one cook made three varieties of a pizza and the one stuffed with tomatoes, cheese mozzarella and basil leaves became her favorite. Now you might see this type of pizza everywhere named Margherita. Since that time a pizza became more and more widespread and popular among the rich people, as well.

In the 19th century it was brought to America by the Italian emigrants. In modern times there are numerous pizza chains, which are crowded with people. You wouldn’t mind having some pizza too, would you?

Tony’s Pizza Near Me

If you are staying in South Carolina, Sumter, you might have cravings for a pizza, so visit Tony’s Pizza to have a very delicious pizza, some other Italian dishes for a very affordable price with generous portions and the best crust and toppings. Just google ‘Tony’s pizza near me’ and you would see the fast results and the nearest restaurants to go.

Tony’s Pizza Menu

On ‘Yelp’ the rating of this place in Sumter make up 4, and on ‘Tripadvisor’ it is 3.5. The place has been functioning for more than ten years and it is improving all the time. Their pizza and bread look and taste homemade, all the food is supertasty and it gets only the best reviews and responses. If the old style New York pizza is one of your faves, do not think and give it a go, visit this place for a whole pizza or a pizza slice.

The place doesn’t make reservations, but the delivery and food to go services are available for any customer during the working hours. There is no outdoor sitting area, they don’t serve alcohol, but there is a place for parking your car or a bike.

In the menu you will find the pizza toppings and you are able to choose the ingredients for your pizza plus some extra cheese, if you want to. The subs are considered to be very tasty in this pizza house, there is a wide choice of subs, plus you might obtain a gyro on the pita bread in Greek style too. For dinners there are lasagna and spaghetti dishes (they are all served with bread), but you might want to obtain extra bread or cheese bread to your portion. There is a menu for kids, baklava for dessert, some salads and drink to your personal taste. Here is a link for you to study the menu and prices and make up a decision to visit this lovely and friendly café.

Tony’s Pizza, Menu, Elgin, SC

Tony’s Pizza Palace’ may be found in Elgin, the state of South Carolina. If you are staying in Elgin visiting your relatives or friends, find some time and go there. The restaurant is really a treat for the pizza lovers. The ‘Yelp’ and ‘Tripadvisor’ ratings are more than 4, the reviews are very positive, so give it a go, try some of their pizzas, gyro, which tastes exactly like the one in Europe, or maybe, have some salad with a dressing with blue cheese. Pies and tiramisu are perfect for your dessert, spaghetti with meatballs are said to be favorite food of many customers of this incredible spot. They are home -made and you might eat them with baked cheese on the top of the dish, if you wish, this experience will be unforgettable, as the reviews claim.

Here is a link to see and study their scanned menu, so you could decide whether to pay a visit here or not. But we suspect, the answer will be ‘yes’.

The working hours of the food palace in Elgin are from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday they work from 11a.m. to 11p.m. On Sundays it’s open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

If you love substantial Italian meals, go ahead and enjoy the best pizzas, subs and salads in Tony’s Pizza in the areas of South Carolina.