China Taste, North Branch

March 17, 2014

Chinese VS American Cuisine

That is for sure, that you have tried Chinese dishes, but have you ever thought how the American and Chinese dishes differ? Let’s think about it a little bit.

  1. The American don’t tend to use a lot of seasonings in their dishes whereas the Chinese always use a lot of seasonings for an exquisite taste and bringing more flavor to the food. Like when you want your veggie dish to taste fishy, you would add some lobster sauce to it and get the desirable taste and flavor.
  2. Unlike the American who love using cheese in plenty of dishes and foods, the Chinese don’t often use the dairy products in their cooking. They tend to use the tofu cheese produced from beans of soya. Tofu is sold in plenty of countries now and it is thought to be a healthy kind of food throughout the world.
  3. The Chinese love to use mixed tastes like sweet and sour, spicy and salty etc. The Americans prefer dishes with the simpler tasting traditionally.
  4. In fact, the Chinese prefer to use fresh products, recently brought from the market, freshly cooked and served on the table. The Americans love using frozen foods or semi-finished products.

Of course, the dishes sold in the US may not be considered fully Chinese. The local American influence on them is obvious, and most cafes and restaurants are thought to be more like Chinese fast food. Still, the Chinese food possesses richer tastes and flavors, it is healthier than the American dishes and Chinese food is often preferred over the grilled steak and fries.

China Taste, Menu

China Taste’ is a small but very nice restaurant located in North Branch, the state of Minnesota. Maybe, it looks a little simple, but the food tastes really amazing here. The service is quick and high-quality. The rooms are clean and the dishes are more than delicious and generous. The reviews say that the food is amazing, the service takes around 10 minutes with even big orders. So, when you came to grab your take away orders, you will not need to wait for a long time. You might have your lunch or dinner there, but if you prefer eating in fancier surroundings, just get the take away with you, you won’t regret that.

The restaurant does have any services of delivery or reservation, there is no outdoors sitting area but there is a parking place for bikes.

The spot does not sell any alcohol, the vegetarians and vegans will always find here some dishes fitting them perfectly like portions with vegetables and tofu etc.

In the menu there are traditional appetizers, moo shus, egg foo youngs, seafood options, meat varieties, fried trice, noodles, chow mei funs. There are combo plates, a section with healthy food like steamed steamed veggies, chicken or shrimps. There are dishes of the Chinese cuisine from different areas of China. The full menu you may see when going to their website.

Pay attention to the very affordable prices here. ‘China Taste’ is a truly cozy and delicious way to grab some best food of the Chinese flavor.

China Taste, Delivery

The location has no delivery options but you might order the food to go and have it wherever you want to. The ‘Tripadvisor’ rating is high, it makes up 4.5 and there are many reviews admiring the food taste and quality and the fast service of the workers.

Restaurants in North Branch, MN

If you are staying in North branch and you are craving for some American, Mexican or Japanese tastes, here are some suggestions for you where to go. ‘Olde Brick Inn’ is a place where American dishes are served, so burgers, sandwiches, fries and steaks are for you here to get stuffed. The burgers are considered to be the tastiest in the area in this spot, so visit this place definitely to get a true American flavor.

Tomo Hibachi and Sushi’ is a cute place with Japanese tastes and flavors. The Google rates make up 4.7, which is very high, so the visitors are satisfied with everything in this location. Hot and fresh tasty meals, incredible rolls are served here and there are online orders available for your convenience. Here is their menu available online:

Don Julio’ Mexican restaurant is a spot with the Mexican food delivered, as you might have already guessed by the name. The Google rating makes up 4,3, so this location must be high quality with the delicious food choices. The salsa and chips are truly mouthwatering here, the reviewers say the service is superfast, the dishes are served incredibly quickly, all the menu dishes are great and the prices are reasonable.

Oak Inn’ is a great place for people and travelers who are into grilled foods of all kinds and sizes. The Google rating is 4, which is good, the breakfast wraps are thought to be one of the best here, lunches are also excellent. The vegetarians may try garden burger there with some beans and rice, so even if you don’t eat meat, you will feel pretty comfy in this restaurant too.

So, enjoy various tastes of meals when travelling or having a rest, always try something new, this will add more freshness and fire into your life!